Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hull City - A Shameful Way To Treat A Hero

He seems to have been around for ever and has been associated with Hull City, his hometown club, as player and manager since 2004. But Barmby's loyalty, dedication and professionalism counted for nothing when the Board got hot under the collar at suggestions that money was not forthcoming to strengthen the squad - they just sacked him.

What a disgrace. Hull came to Upton Park last game of the season with nothing to play for, except the manager and their fans, and they gave their all. Unlike Pearson who walked out on the club as soon as a better carrot was dangled, Barmby has remained loyal, stepping into the void left by the Leicester City returnee and aquitting himself well even though the not so fearsome Tigers narrowly missed the playoffs.

Barmby is sueing Hull and quite right too! If Curbishley could do us for constructive dismissal after walking out in dispute over transfer activities, Barmby must have a case.

Poor Nicky, he hasn't been shafted this badly since Mr Robson showed Mr Pardew what to do in the dressing room after the players have gone off to the pub!


Anonymous said...

He's been around for ages, but you still can't spell his name right. It's Barmby, not Barnby.

A CityBoy said...

Your words are true. Mr. Barmby's legal team I'm sure will be swapping humourous stories with Mr. Pearson's legal team to catch the Allams in a pincer movement. I'm also sure that there are valid points on either side but there would have been better ways to resolve differences than letting things get to this farcical state of affairs. Thanks for the acknowledgement of the final game. Good luck in the final against them seaside boys. You won't get a better chance. If you dont make it however we're all looking forward to meeting you at your new stadium.

Be Lucky

A CityBoy

Anonymous said...

Barmby is spelled with an 'm'

Hammersfan said...

A shameful way to treat a hero - spell his name incorrectly! Sorry guys, onlyexcuse is that I was at work and had a secretary wittering in my ear.

Anonymous said...

sorry step out of line with the big boys in charge anybody needs a good telling ,, sack ? not sure ,, osmidod