Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Vaz Te Departs!

It's ok, he's only gone off on holiday. The point of the thread is the way one throw away comment is exploded out into a story which isn't a story at all. Fact, Vaz Te is on a three year contract. Fact, nobody has come in for him. Fact, he will earn more in the Prem with West Ham than he could hope to ever earn in Portugal, his supposed preferred destination.

So Vaz Te is going nowhere, except on holiday, and although he is almost an anagram of Tevez, I expect him to return after a nice break and to give his all in Claret & Blue. West Ham blogs that have irresponsibly recycled this journalistic pap should be ashamed of themselves!


Essexhammer said...

Contracts mean nothing these days.There is very little loyalty amongst footballers today ,money and success unfortunately overrule.If he did say it,coming out with a statement like that is just asking for fan resentment.Thinking it is one thing but announcing it to the media is a cry to come and get me.

SP said...

And the truth is - even if he was to leave he will have done his part by helping us get back to the Premiership.

Players come and players go - We the Fans will be forever blowing bubbles! #COYI

Anonymous said...

Haha had me scared wen I saw the title!! He scores when he wantss amazing how he was at Barnsley 6months ago now he's too good for west ham!! Bullshit but he is defO the most exciting player I have seen in claret and blue for a good few years... Coyi!!!!!

the headmaster said...

Agree with SP. Good player. loved his goals (actually he had a pretty poor game at Wembley until that special moment!).
If he stays, great. If not, we need to replace him!