Sunday, 27 May 2012

OWen Will They Learn?

So the boards are linking us with a move for Michael Owen. Must be worth a punt in a pay when you play deal seems to be the popular opinion, as if Owen will actually play. Haven't we learnt the lesson with Keiron Dyer for pity's sake?

People mock Championship Manager / Football Manager, but years back, when work colleagues formed a league and invited me to join, we were amazed to find Owen out of the England squad by the age of 27 and struggling to start in the Premiership. This was when he was still an automatic first choice for England if still fit. They obviously knew something the rest of us didn't!

Owen, like Dyer, is a shot bolt. We should leave well alone because the last thing we need is another Billy Big Boots, dwarfing the rest of the squad in terms of reputation and not pulling his weight on the pitch.

In case you can't read the small print in John Green's Medical Review, the first two paragraphs read (and I piss you not!):

"I was asked to see Michael Owen by David James in 2006. I had just rehabilitated Kieron Dyer from his hamstring problems. This culminated in Newcastle receiving £7m for Kieron from West Ham United.

"Following Michael’s return from his cruciate ligament injury under my guidance, I treated Damien Duff and Dean Ashton for their respective foot and ankle fractures."

This guy is the kiss of fcuking death but at the end he assures his readers that Owen is not injury prone, he has just received bad medical treatment! And that's EXACTLY what Dyer and Ashton claimed!


The Shak said...

I don't really think he is gonna be joining us anytime soon HF. I guess we shouldn't be worrying about that! If he did join us,I suppose he will be a fringe player so..

Anonymous said...

Owen was a fool to leave Liverpool. He career went downwards after he left. We certainly don't want him.