Thursday, 17 May 2012

Liverpool Linked With Villas Boas, Benitez and Avram Grant

So let's try to follow the logic here shall we? Liverpool sack Dalglish - no attempt to move him upstairs you will note which is a shoddy way to treat a man who has served the club in every decade since the 1970s - and the two favourites to replace him are a guy who bombed out appallingly at Chelsea in his only job in England and the guy who bombed out before Dalglish was appointed.

Can you imagine what would happen if either were appointed given the number of English players currently in the squad? Benitez would be splashing cash on no mark Spaniards in no time, and Villas-Boas would drop Gerrard and Carragher and destroy the dressing room in the space of six months.

God help whoever takes over. It was bad enough succeeding Presidente Benitez, replacing King Kenny will be fraught with dangers, especially if the Carling Cup is not retained! 61% of the fans wanted Kenny chopped, but that will be forgotten very quickly when the new man struggles like his predecessors. Who, in his right mind, would want the job? It is a poison chalice because Liverpool are in terminal decline.

Mind you, Avram Grant wouldn't probably take it. Or Gianfranco Zola. Or Alan Curbishley. Or Allardyce might fancy it actually. Or maybe Gerrard could become player manager!


Anonymous said...

They apparently offered him director of football but he declined.

Anonymous said...

Just heard they are talking to Martinez.

I would like him to get it. It would be good to see what he can do with a bit of cash to splash.

Simon said...

Haha Yes - a trophy in the season & another final & terminal Decline? Funny idea of WHAT that is - haven't you? No actually - We WERE In Terminal Decline under the Twin Cowboy diseases a couple of years ago - Now? We're just slowly but surely climbing back up again. But 'terminal decline'? Is NOT winning a trophy & getting to another final - It's being DAYS away from being LIQUIDATED - Which we were but now? Don't make me F*cking laugh..............