Wednesday, 30 May 2012

West Ham's Taste of the Orient

Give him his due, Barry Hearn has a bloody nerve! After moving heaven and earth to block our move to the Olympic Stadium, costing us God knows how much as our original bid was thrown out, he is now proposing that we share the ground with him. Yeah right!

Just imagine watching Leyton Orient v Yeovil Town in a 60,000 stadium! The players might just about hear the crowd across the running track if they all cluster together in one corner of the ground and use megaphones!

Atmosphere? There's more in outer space!


Anonymous said...

I hope they insist on a ground share with LO - that might be the reason we could finally drop the idea of the OS move. Much prefer to develop Boleyn up to 45000 capacity - better atmosphere and no need for telescopes loud-hailers and wont need to take a bus from the bar to your seat.

And of course Hearn is a complete F?ckwit who simply believes he is much more important than he actually is. I am tired of his rantings and ravings making no sense - except to him of course.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous -- please let them develop the Boleyn. Stay at the home of the club please

And who's to say that Hearn can understand his own rantings??

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I agree with the first two comments - staying at the Boleyn is the first choice. It was always the heart's choice but since Hearn and co ruined our chances of owning it it's also the head's choice too.

F*ck Hearn the p*ss taking twat (I feel quite strongly about his issue as you may have guessed). I can't believe the man has fought us every step of the way and now wants to hang onto our coat-tails. As is the common vernacular nowadays- he can go and do one.

ps- your Leeds stuff is going to lose your regulars HF, just like your QPR stuff did- I know people can choose to ignore them but what's the point in going to a WHU site and having to sift through it for WHU stuff. Just saying.

PM24 said...

Could someone please give me a straight answer on wether it is possible to add another 10,000 seats to upton park? Lots of fans still bang on about it but is it not common knowledge that there is a bus station in the way?

Hammersfan said...

And we all know if somebody parks the bus, we are buggered - never mind a station of them!

Come on Anonymouse, it doesn't take a lot of sifting does it? Easy peasy. If you enjoy the Leeds threads, read them, if you don't ignore them. The worry is, of course, that I will slip in something about West Ham, as on the latest one, so some of you feel the compulsion to read every word I write, just in case.

There's not a lot of West Ham related news at the moment us there? I'm doing my best to come up with stuff but it aint easy!

AJ said...

Less is more, quality no quantity....

Sav said...

The guy has some cheek. A day before we got promoted back to the Premier League he kept shouting that our bid was illegal because we did not have the consent of the Football League (and how did He know by the way).

Then we get promoted and we don't need that consent anymore as we already have the ok from the Premier and now he wants to go into bed with us. Unbelievable.

I hope the Davids do not fall into the trap. The man is totally wrotten!

jimwhu said...

london transport wont sell us the bus station we tried to buy it in the past to develope the east stand