Monday, 14 May 2012

What the Hell is going on with the Olympic Stadium bid?

Cards on the table, I don't want to move there and have never wanted to move there, but that doesn't stop me feeling aggrieved at the way the rules seem to change every time we get close to securing the Olympic Stadium. We've already been awarded the stadium once and second time around, with no other worthwhile bids coming forward, it was as good as ours, only for the goal posts to be moved again, with the bidding deadline extended.

What is going on exactly? Presumably our bid has got so many conditions and caveats attached that the London Legacy Committee are running scared of awarding it to us. Either that or Levy and Hearn are slipping a few back handers in a desperate attempt to derail our bid.

Something stinks in Stratford - and it's not just the toilet in the Hemelaya!


jimwhu said...

as it stands the os is not gonna be right for football without big changes
the problem we have is no one knows what changes if any will happen if the dildo brothers were to share there vision with us retractable seating etc but all we hear is to go to the next stage we have to move from u p
hf i think me and you followed westham from about the same time i can remember the early 70s we used to get twenty odd thousend crowds against the coventrys palace etc now i remember though i live in another country now the mad traffic jams round the barking road after the games locals selling parking spaces outside there houses central park road etc nowadays everone has a car and wont use public transport cos its crap the only reason i can see the point of moving to the os has gotta have somthing to do with transport cos our ground now u p is great except for the east stand knock that down make the east stand the same as the west stand then wel have a near 50k stadium
there was a good ground round the corner from where i lived in custom house westham dog track / speedway stadium football was played there for two seasons by thames fc it never took off cos the pitch was to far away from the fans and that ground held 134000 westham could have taken that ground before it got knocked down
my grandad see football there and said it was a stuggle to see the whole pitch
it would just be nice for dildo brothers or princess karen come out and sell there idea to us first

Terry P said...

Or maybe it's because they don't want to lease out their stadium to a dodgy outfit that uses their facilities to stage illegal fights just to make a few quid.