Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Brooking and Brand - the Ultimate Odd Couple!

Wouldn't you just have loved to earwig the conversation between Sir Trev and Russell Brand yesterday? Whoever came up the idea of sitting them next to each other must have been doubled up in mirth at the prospect. Mr Establishment side by side with Mr Mayhem!

Cue Brand & Brooking!

Russell: Hare Krishna!
Brooking: I think you will find he is called Harry Redknapp actually.
Russell: The Swines!
Brooking: The panel had their reasons for preferring Roy Hodgson but I am not at liberty to disclose them.
Russell: T'is rhubarb!
Brooking: Rhubarb? It is most certainly not rhubarb if that is your euphemism for rubbish.
Russell: I've slept with your grand daughter!
Brooking: Would somebody please remove this person from my presence, he irritates me more than Redknapp!

But then again, I may have Trev all wrong, looking at the expression on Brand's face, Trev may be proposing a wife swapping evening!


Anonymous said...

bet brooking was asking brand how katy perrys pussy tasted

spyinthesky said...

You need to have an active wife to do that.