Thursday, 10 May 2012

One Last Cruel Twist In QPR's Season?

For eighty odd minutes at the weekend, it was all going horribly wrong. Bolton were two goals to the good and QPR were only drawing. The nightmare scenario of having to win at Man City to stay up loomed large, with no guarantee of survival even if they achieved the seemingly impossible. Then Coyle's boys hit the self destruct button and 'Cisse, CISSE!' made yet another telling contribution: and he has scored or been sent off every time he has played for the Hoops.

So it all goes down to the final game and the nightmare scenario for QPR that only a positive result at the Etihad guarantees them survival whilst Unreal City need a win to secure the title. Of course, even if they lose, Rangers have a better than evens chance of staying up, because Bolton have to win and that's something they've not been very adept at all season!

But it isn't going to be straightforward is it? One way or another, there will be a twist. Perhaps Rangers will take the lead, or perhaps Bolton will snatch an early goal. If that happens, it could be a thrilling afternoon for the neutrals but an impossibly stressful afternoon for Rangers and Bolton fans. Happily for Rangers, Stoke need points to secure a higher league position, thereby trousering more dosh. In the old days, a B team might have been fielded but with big bucks at stake and four teams separated by a point (with Stoke bottom of that pile at the moment), Pulis will have his players pumped up. However, it's been a long, long, long season for Stoke and if Bolton go for it, maybe, just maybe, Crouch and co might let their thoughts wander to the beach.

89th minute, QPR losing three nil, Bolton still drawing at the Britannia, and suddenly Motson yells, "Davies. Davies! Oh Kevin Davies! He's done it! Would you believe it? There will be heartbreak in the Bush! Kevin Davies! Bolton have saved themselves in the final minute and their fans are jumping with joy not quite sure if they can believe what they have just witnessed!"

But that won't happen. Will it?


Anonymous said...

Probably will with rangers hf yes still even if we do go down we are still in a better position than when we came up at long last we can hope for some stability and I'm very confident of coming straight back up again hopefully we keep our prem status though good luck at wembley to the hammers

Hammersfan said...

I think you will be alright mate. I hope we will be playing each other next season - and not in the Championship!

Stani said...

Booing him for this is just ridiculous