Thursday, 17 May 2012

Warnock Installs Revolving Door In Leeds Dressing Room

So it is all change at Leeds this summer then. With at least eleven players being pushed out of the door, Warnock will have to keep his fingers crossed that his targets are both available and willing to join his Leeds United bandwagon.

Mind you, the initial target, Clint Hill, doesn't exactly set the pulse racing does it? There are Leeds fans daring to dream that Michael Owen will spend a season in the Elland Road treatment room, but there's no way in a million years that Master Bates will meet Owen's wage demands. And anyway, why would mighty Leeds United want a Manchester United reject exactly? Have these Leeds fans got no pride?

It is a dangerous game to play. Clayton, for example, looked like a decent Championship player to me but Warnock thinks he can get better for the £500,000 he hopes to sell him for. We will see.

To be fair, Warnock has proved himself an adept wheeler dealer at Championship level and the worst mistake you can make is to give him significant money to spend - ask Fernandes at QPR! But then with Bates in charge at Leeds, there's no chance of Warnock flashing the cash is there?

The expected charge after Warnock's appointment didn't happen. If Leeds struggle at the start of next season, Warnock could find himself going through the very same revolving door he has installed for his failing players.


Yorkshrman said...

Interesting piece ..... but some way wide of the mark. Having been linked with several hundred players over the last few Summers, few of us pay any attention to the "Owen for Leeds?" story .... (And, by the way, two of the most important signings in Leeds' history came over from the Dark Side - Johnny Giles and Gordon Strachan).

"The initial target, Clint Hill" is (if true) actually no. 2, after Jason Pearce - who will be a good signing for us.

And Clayton may look a decent player to you, but how much have you actually seen of him? Although Leeds fans are divided on this, there are a healthy number who feel that Clayton flattered to deceive last season, having far too many games where he was simply anonymous.

And as for Warnock's spending record, well, that's a bit rich coming from a Hammer - Big Sam's spending turned into something of a damp squib last season, leaving you lot with the joys of the Playoff Lottery .....

phil towers said...

clint hill- player of the season at qpr. theyre a prem club and light years ahead of us. while he's not an exciting prospect in age terms, he is a player that can more than do the job aidy white isn't capable of. regarding spending, do you expect to see mascherano and iniesta coming in? of course there are issues at leeds, but this defeatist viewpoint is draining... remember when the club operated beyond it's means?

Anonymous said...

After a nice big click count from Leeds fans?

Anonymous said...

Youve got a 90million pound game coming up and all you can think to write about is Leeds Utd ?
Hmm says it all really doesnt it?

Marching on together and Still statistically the 5th most supported club in England after 9 years out of the top flight ....carry on blowing those boring bubbles

Blackpool 3 - 1 BEST HAM !

Anonymous said...

What twaddle.

Perhaps you should stick to writing about your own club. How come they didn't get automatic promotion with a team full of ex-premiership players? Oh, yes, that would be because they were only good enough to get relegated from the premiership. How come they didn't get automatic promotion with their vastly disproportionate financial advantage? Aren't they (and you) going to look really silly if Blackpool give them the stuffing they so richly deserve?

Stick to blowing bubbles about your effete club and leave us to moan about our own club for ourselves - at least we know what we're talking about.


Anonymous said...

Are you not getting enough hits on your web page so you have to talk about the might LEEDS UNITED to get your hits back up again.

I feel sorry for you

Anonymous said...

Poor journalism. Littered with mistakes. Dickhead.

Anonymous said...

id worry about not getting promoted if i were you,instead of trying to score points of leeds again..your boring

Anonymous said...

And that's your best picture you could come up wth fr a revolving door ? Very poor ! My mam always used to say to me if you've got nothing to say worth listening to then don't say nothing at all what a poor piece !

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to this prick he had in for us all season and must be gutted we stayed up
Slated our chairman saying he wouldn't spend more than 5 million in jan ended up doing 14
Probably should worry about his shower with that boring lard arse in charge playing shit football
He has a hard on for Warnock as well even though he has probably the best record at this level
Heres hoping we see NW back down the bush and this tool will have to find a new target (Holloway once they do them tomorrow)

Anonymous said...


Dear oh dearie me.

HF looks to have got next season's fish in the boat nice and early. Wonder if the QPR fans who grizzled all season that he should focus on someone else will suddenly feel left out when he's focusing on winding up Leeds?

Anonymous said...

Hey HF - not related to this article so don't publish this comment. Check out and see if its any good to you. Its an android app that I created as a shortcut to your site.

Anyone can scan in the barcode or use that link.

Anonymous said...

Hf will get plenty of hits from rangers fans on Saturday fella after Blackpool do you at wembley 3-2 remember to take your tissues wankers have fun

Anonymous said...

Another bubble blower poking their nose in something they know nowt about. If i was you i'd be worrying about your own underperforming and overpayed players leaving. You'll still be in the championship, come tomorrow evening. Oh and looking for a new manager. HA HA HA


Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

17.29- Did you go to school? Or was it shut on the one day you turned up? Your use of the English language is beyond poor.

Win or lose we'll enjoy our day at Wembley, don't you worry about that. And you keep the tissues for yourself- got a feeling you're the sort of bloke who goes through shed loads of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the fella was after English lessons mouse or is that rat u twat but I make him right u bubble blowers are far to cocky Blackpool aren't going to roll over for you don't be surprised if you come back from your lovely day out at wembley with egg on your face still will make a change from sperm though won't it gay boy

fred149 said...

5th most supported club in england my ass thats why west ham have a better attendance record this season and your best attendance this year came against who... oh yes west ham because of our away fans were in there numbers like usual. 5th most supported club in england you was in the past now however you are most definitley not. You go around the world there is more west ham fans then leeds fans

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

22.00- If you're going to defend yourself whilst pretending you're not 17.29 you need to do two things.

1). Don't use the word fella in both posts. It gives the game away that it's the same poster. Btw, if you think using that word sounds geezerish or 'pwopa nawty' it doesn't. Just makes you sound like a Green Street wannabe. That's not a good thing btw.

2). Try using some apostrophes and full stops. They're useful and can change a splurge of words such as yours, into something coherent. The use of them in your second post would have at least distinguished it from your grammar free first effort so keeping up the illusion that it wasn't you the first time. Both posts sounded too much like the old 'lipsmackingthirstquenching' pepsi cola advert to be coincidence.

Lastly, whilst gay sex isn't anything I'm going to try in my life-time I genuinely believe in each to their own and all that. So if your fantasy involves West Ham fans coming home with spunk all over their chops then you stick with it literally and metaphorically. Like I said in my earlier reply to you, keep those tissues err, handy.

Anyway, toodle-pip- must dash- today's quite important to me.