Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nouble Shocker!

Nouble has been released on a free. Is that it? Is that the last connection with Zola, Clarke and Nani finally cut? I'm racking my brains and to be honest, I can't think of any pups brought to the club by the incompetent triumverate who remain.

Savio, long gone. Diamante, gone. da Costa, gone. Tristan, gone. Di Michele, gone. Lopez, gone. Lastpickeva, gone. Kovac, gone. Behrami, gone. Mido, gone. McCarthy, gone. Daprela, gone. Franco, gone. Ilunga, gone. Ilan, gone. Jimenez, gone. Kurucz, gone. Have I forgotten anybody?

Add to that: Bellamy gone. Collins, gone. Etherington, gone. McCartney, gone. Anton, gone. Where are the Nani-Zola-Clarke signings now? Bellamy, Etherington, Collins and Anton all played in the Prem last season; and Linda is set to return!

Has there ever been a more disastrous phase in our club's history? Nani screwed us. Zola buggered us. Clarke couldn't have cared less.

Nouble will go down in West Ham history because he was the final tie to be cut with the three clowns. Look at that list of signings and think of how much money we wasted in transfer fees and wages! Zola still hasn't found a job. There's a surprise! Nani went home and promptly presided over relegation. There's a surprise! And Liverpool have sacked Dalglish, showing that Clarke can even dethrone a king. Yet another surprise!

And Duxbury? Out of football altogether. Quelle surprise!


Anonymous said...

I liked Diamanti's passion but he never produced fully and Behrami was class. Ilunga had a good first loan signing then was shocking. Da Costa was poor at first but a tad better towards the end of his final season.

The rest - utter rubbish.

bubbles said...

A very good summary of the crap that has been thrown at us but it goes back much further than this. Years of being ripped off and taken the piss out of by Board members and managers. 10s of millions of pounds of transfer fees received and replaced by past it free transfers and still we come back

fred149 said...

anon youve done it now. Behrami was poor and HF will tell you why in a bit i bet

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

In answer to your question HF, there has been at least one more disastrous period in our club's history than the Duxbury/ Nani/ Zola era.

Grant as manager was the most disastrous managerial appointment, even eclipsing that of the hapless. hopeless Roeder. Truly awful, clueless and tactically inept. Un-motivating, un-ispiring and by his general demeanour un-dead.

Fwiw, I think Zola did Ok in his first season. Some of the football with Collison and Behrami providing energy and pace down the wings and Carlton finally coming of age as a first team player was nice to see. In the second season things started to go against him and he had no clue how to react or pick the players up. He visibly aged in months as it became apparent he was out of his depth.

Despite all of that the season of surrender and incompetence under Grant was much worse than the Zola era.

Brendan said...

Yo HF check out all the new transfer guys we are linked to.... Chamahk for only 3 million, Jarvis (but wolves want 8 million, shocking), Dani Benitez (although he is a bad boy) and many others. Plus the Bosman list from the prem has many good players on it. Hopefully we can get a few in on free and then use the 25 million to bring in other good players!

Michael said...

I liked Daprela.

Anonymous said...

HF you are dead right - Zola was just a grinner, completely out of his depth. And now he's a 'greeter' for Chelsea - surprise surprise.

Unbelievably, the totally clueless Avram was better at picking players to buy, regardless of relegation and his lack of 'tactics' etc.

Zola = terrible.

Big Sam = massive improvement