Monday, 7 May 2012

Same Team But Lansbury On The Bench

That's it then. Same team. Lansbury's there if needed. Unfortunately so is Faubert. Could this be the Frenchman's last laugh at our expense? Mon Dieu, c'est la vie!


Anonymous said...

Whoever plays we need the west ham crowd to roar encouragement for the next 2 games
No booing just make it intimidating for the opposition.
Just 2 games boys. One at UP & one at Wembley.

Come on u Irons !!!!
12 th man like we have not seen all season.

Stani said...

Demel's ball for the 2nd....spun around the back. Peach!

ONeil having a good game. Great technique for his two shots

Anonymous said...

1 game left for Sam......COYI