Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Feeding the Yak Pie & Mash and Jellied Eels

There have been some improbable transfer targets suggested over the last couple of weeks, but a move for Yakubu seems credible. Sullivan has tried to sign him before - even when he had a BMI to rival McBenni - and with Blackburn relegated, despite theYak's goals, the heavyweight forward may well fancy a move to a club that has fancied him for some time.

Allardyce would, of course, love it, really love it, if he could undermine Blackburn, and Yakubu is his sort of player - big and strong, the perfect Big Sam target man.

Would I have him? Had you asked me that last summer, I would have replied no. But Yakubu was a born again striker last year, stripping leaner, fitter and hungry for goals. He would be cheap too so I wouldn't be surprised if he is our first signing of the summer.


Anonymous said...

No thanks. Think I'd rather we gave McCarthy mark 2 a wide birth. He hasn't been much good since his pompy days. Did alright at boro. But was about as effective as a car alarm in toxteth during his time at everton. True he found a little form at Blackburn but his back was against the wall. He knew he need to show he could still do the job. But I can just imagine him signing for us and being really lazy. Plus knowing our record with wages we'll offer him a 4 year contract on 30 grand a week for him to suddenly develope a hamstring problem. True he might do a job for a bit. But I think he should be offered nothing more than pay as you play. In truth I'm a little undecided. If they can keep the costs down he might be worth a punt and maybe a 1 year contract. Purely on the basis of last seasons goal tally. But anything more and we risk having a bit of a white elephant on our hands.

Anonymous said...

Come on The Daves - aim higher than this type of player.

dazthehammer said...

aim higher? yakubu outscored demba ba last season!!! and is available for between 1-2 million. only van persie, rooney and aguerro scored more...so which one of them 3 should we go for instead, van persie maybe lol... considering we have very little money to spend, we need as many bargains as we can get. henderson was a good start on the cheap, hopefully linda signs on the cheap and we can spend a bit of cash on players like zaha, clyne etc, not waste it all on a 7-8 million quid striker that flops and have to get bosmans to fill gaping holes at the back and in midfield

Anonymous said...

Don't really know what to say apart from how hungry that picture of Pie 'n' Mash has made me feel!

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I agree with dazthehammer and yourself HF- he would be a good signing.

Money is limited and to get him for the reported million would be excellent business. He'd fit the style of play and be able to compete with Carlton for the main target man position, which would be good as I doubt CC can play more than 25, maybe 30 games nowadays.

Some of the other players being mentioned, eg Owen (is it me or is TC talking more and more bolux as the years go by) are just ridiculous, but Yakuba's a realistic option.

the headmaster said...

I fear you are right, HF. Another big lump. Just Sam's sort of target, I agree. Excited? Not me. Realistic? Probably.

Nick said...

What the!? He may be big, even slow, overweight maybe, old too, but he scores goals and 17 from any stiker in the prem is an excellent return.

Who can we get from the premier league last year that scored more goals? No one!!!

Get him Sam, it's a good start.

USA Dave said...

When you consider that Southampton are paying 7 million for Rodriguez this is a good bit of business. And of his goals for Burnley, I believe close to half were via the spot.