Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ask Spurs - The Game Has Officially Gone Crazy!

WTF? Bayern Munich win a penalty in the Champions League final and they let a Dutchman take it! Didn't somebody tell them that Germans don't miss penalties?

Well somebody obviously forgot to tell Bastian Schweinsteiger. After allowing a Croat to take a penalty and duly miss, the Germans finally turned to the most German German in the history of Germany. Down he climbed from his Waffen SS Panza tank, his blue eyes gleaming, his blond hair close cropped in best military fashion. Up he goosestepped and...missed!

Incredible. I watched the game with a Spurs fan who complained afterwards that God must be an Arsenal fan if you can't even rely on Germans in a penalty shoot out to see Tottenham through to the Champions League! You really couldn't write it. And so much for German efficiency. They were hurriedly engraving Chelsea's name on the Cup when the game ended; that should have been done when Messi missed that penalty in Barcelona!

It must be pretty rough being a Spurs fan at the moment. Out of the Champions league and West Ham back in the Prem, but it would be even worse to be Greek. God help them when the Germans wake up tomorrow looking for somebody to give a damn good kicking!


penyabogarde said...

up the hammers!
up the bayern!
up the barça!
vaz té + messi = golden balls!
cristiano + drogba = nothing!

west ham next premier league winner!
fc barcelona next champions league winner!
real madrid & chelsea = antifootball!

guardiola, allardyce OK
Di matteo, mourinho antifootball


The Shak said...

"Waffen SS Panza tank" !!! Hahaha! Delighted that the Yiddos aren't in the CL next season!

Sav said...

Next year I predict we will be beating the European Champions! Their luck can't continue for much longer. It probably broke all records already.

USA Dave said...

Today reminds me of Bizarro Superman, the comic where the entire universe is seemingly inverted.

West Ham see victory in dramatic fashion....instead of being heartbroken at the end.

Spurs see the world shift on its very axis, with Germans losing on penalties, and THEIR hearts are broken.

Bizarro Football, folks. And a fabulous day.

Hammersfan said...

A day to treasure Dave. Let's not get carried away Sav!

Chicken Oriental said...

It's cute that west ham supporters actually think that Spurs care about them.

OSP said...

That was too funny Fanno, proper made me giggle :)

Hope you & the family are all well



Hammersfan said...

Cheers Pete. All well, hope same applies to yours. Still don't have your mobile number or email. Drop me a line via the site email. Would be good to meet up for a drink or even get to a game at some point. Reading or Southampton next season perhaps?

penyabogarde said...

hammers of premià de mar barcelona:

hammers & barça OK
real madrid & chelsea KO

up the rebels
up the hammers
up the barcelonistes