Sunday, 13 May 2012

Congratulations To Young Potts - A True Hero

This blog is criticised for being excessively negative at times, but every now and then, even a miserable old sod like me has to throw all cynicism aside and pay tribute. It was unavoidable in the case of Fabrice Muamba and the same applies to Dan Potts.

Who knows if the kid will go on to be a star of the future? He only appeared four times for the first team and as Sears shows, early promise does not always crystalise into a real gem. But that is not the point. As soon as Potts kicked a ball for the first team he climbed a personal mountain that would have intimidated the vast majority of us. For this boy was battling leukaemia just two years ago.

So Potts deserves total respect irrespective of what may or may not happen into the future. Fingers crossed that he goes on to emulate his father but with knobs on, securing a host of international caps for England and winning a treasure trove of medals in Claret and Blue. But at the end of the day, does any of that really matter? Potts is alive and kicking and that is a cause for celebration in itself.

Well done Dan: everything is now a bonus.


Johntan said...

Absolutely remarkable. Well Done Dan Potts.

Sav said...

Good article. Well done Dan. HF, perhaps you are human after all!