Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blackpool Dump Birmingham On Their Backsides - And Holloway's Mind Games Start!

So, the under bill threw up a thriller by all accounts. The Blackpool Kings Arms were cruising to Wembley before a great Birmingham fight back. 2-2 and Blackpool looking for another fairy tale victory in the playoffs.

Ollie has fired the first shot in the mind games, talking down Blackpool's chances and praising Allardyce's management skills. We should ignore him. Let him babble on like a drunk in the gutter outside a Blackpool lap dancing club as we step over him and go in to check out the talent.

8-1 with an outfield player in goal for 30 minutes. That's all we need to focus on. We tonked them at the Boleyn and ripped them apart on their dung heap. Let's not get caught up in all the hype. It's just another game and we are a far better team. Play to our strengths and we will prevail. Simples.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't even beat Leeds though

JamieQPR said...

Agent Olly, you know what you need to do. Get it done.


Anonymous said...

so what leeds were lucky to draw both games with us leeds are a dead team now they finished 14th worst defence in the leauge but they tried against us like we were barcelona because we are the strongest team in the leauge and blackpool will get smashed at wembely 3-0

Anonymous said...

What's it matter, are Leeds in the play off's. What league are Leeds playing in next season, enough said.

jimwhu said...

hf im now looking forward to watching qpr go down this weekend agent olly what a tosser and leeds lololol enjoy your many years to come in the championship if you can stay up that is
good post hf

Anonymous said...

I've been saying it since Christmas blackpool will beat you at wembley good luck with that

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I was more nervous watching last night's game than ours on Monday!

Blackpool are a strange team- they are so good going forward- Ince and Matt Phillips are just the kind of players who can cause our defence all sorts of problems. Fletcher-Taylor, Dobbie and Kevin Phillips are all wily players who have goals between them. However at the back they are ridiculously bad. Did they even have a left back? Well I know they did in theory but the space Brum had on that flank was unreal.

Glad they made it- it'll be a nicer day out at Wembley with them there and a more open match match for certain.

Tell you what though HF- we can't underestimate them. They know all about this play-off mallarky- last night's result means they are are now unbeaten in the last 11 play-off games- that's a record we'd be foolish to be dismissive off. They also have recent experience of playing and winning a play-off final. I agree we are the better team but it isn't a given in a one off game. However I think Allardyce, Nolan etc are too professional to take anything for granted at this stage.

Last thing on the managerial front. Now before your latest bout of out of character reasonableness and sensible analysis I was constantly defending Allardyce from you and other lads on here, and great fun it was too :) . In the name of this continued truce please accept that this isn't meant to open up old wounds but is a genuine observation. I'm not saying that Allardyce is a great manager or that Hughton and Mackay aren't. I think all three have their attributes but am glad that at this stage in their careers at least we have who we have. But the other two lads are two of the three names that people have constantly put forward. I can see why cos they have both done very good jobs at under-resourced clubs. However they have produced sides with the same traits that Allardyce was getting a kicking for earlier this season. Hughton's side is too over-cautious- they only went for it yesterday once they were two down. Mackay's side are predictable and resort to an ineffective route one too easily. Like I said not a pop- just remarking thta those good young managers may well be nicer men than Allardyce but are not better managers than him, at least not at this early stage in their careers.

Nick said...

Come on 06:24 leave a name so we can call you a wanker after Wembley. No sod it, why wait, Wanker!